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About Deviant John Worthingon FoulfellowMale/Italy Groups :iconhonest-john: Honest-John
J. Worthington Foulfellow
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♠ John Worthingon Foulfellow (Honest John) ♠

♠ 6'0-6'4, depending is he wearing top hat or not ♠

♠ ENTP - Extroverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving ♠

♠ Con man/criminal ♠

♠ Ace of spades ♠

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The-Swindler-Fox's Profile Picture
John Worthingon Foulfellow

Spade Bullet by Sssahuo Spade Bullet by Sssahuo Spade Bullet by Sssahuo Spade Bullet by Sssahuo Spade Bullet by Sssahuo

6'0 (without top hat), 6'4 (with top hat)

Between of 172-180 pounds

Adult (Looks like 30, in animation logic he is 77. Old fox with good looks.)

Race and Gender:
Red fox (Vulpes Vulpes) / Male Gender Symbol - Male by TwinkJinx

♠ Canine/Mammal/Carnivore/Anthropomorphic ♠

Logically, Foulfellow would be Chaotic Neutral. Because he is unpredictable swindler. At first, you are his 'friend'.
Later he stabs your neck and leaves you suffering. This fox know some morals and feel remorse, but he wont bother
himself with other people's problems. He is selfish.

Disney categorizes him as bad/villain. Let's say dont trust him too much. And keep yourself safe.

Sneaky, gentlemanly, selfish, pompous, sinister, phony, devious, tricky, manipulative,
misleading, deceptive, greedy, comical, rule breaker, disorganized, adventurous, spontaneous

Negotiate with almost anyone, fast thinker, charismatic (at first encounter)

Selfish, cocky attitude, careless, huge liar, some deeds stay to haunt him...

:bulletgreen: Money (and wealth)
:bulletgreen: Smoking and drinking beer
:bulletgreen: "Education" (ignorance of other people)
:bulletgreen: Kidnapping
:bulletgreen: Apples
:bulletgreen: Roxanne (tonoly21's character)

:bulletblue: The Coachman's evil smile and maniacal laughing
:bulletblue: Failure
:bulletblue: The police/law
:bulletblue: Getting stuck under his hat
:bulletblue: Gideon's clumsiness and antics

Spade Bullet by Sssahuo Spade Bullet by Sssahuo Spade Bullet by Sssahuo Spade Bullet by Sssahuo Spade Bullet by Sssahuo



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H-ound Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017
Hound looked the fox up and down, narrowing his eyes a little as he puffed on his pipe.

"There's a rather devious air about you... I'm not quite sure why but you don't seem to be up to much good."

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tonoly21 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Student Artist
((Hi there :) wanna do other rp?))
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Mr-Specter-Fox Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017
thanks for the fav :3
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